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Re: Indications that this is the native’s last incarnation

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
Thanks for the peaceful wishes to all - and to you likewise
Astrology has many answers to many questions
and is dependent on the experienced practical knowledge
as well as the level of understanding of the individual astrologer
there is no way of proving the veracity or otherwise
of any given answers
since not all astrologers "believe in last incarnation theory"
opinions are likely to differ
Through the magic of internet, we can aggregate the varied knowledge and experience of different practitioners in order to draw our very own conclusions.

Of course some may not believe in incarnation at all, but since this is the karmic segment of the forum, it is safe to assume that many who visit these pages do.

I am curious to see if anyone has any relevant theory or experience with the charts of spiritual masters who are the closest suspects that we have to people who are in their last incarnation.

Since this is an astrological forum, I am more interested in the astrological side of it, e.g. chart placements, more than the philosophical and spiritual aspects and their veracity
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