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Smile Re: Cancer Independence Days

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
It occurred to me that several countries have their independence days in July/Cancer month. Off the top of my head, the U.S., Canada, and France. The Cancer theme of homeland, our people, seems to fit very well with a patriotic holiday. That got me wondering if sun in Cancer month is a particularly big one for independence days globally.

So, I looked it up. There are indeed quite a few national independence days in July, and in late June. But there are about as many in Leo month, and the most in Virgo month.

I wonder if there is any particular correlation between Cancer and the official formation of a new country. Do the countries that don't celebrate their birthdays under a Cancer sun perhaps have other significant Cancer in their natal charts? Has that been studied anywhere?
Seems like they would be more matriarchal, under the Signs & . Russia used the "Mother Russia" theme, at least before the Bolshevik revolution. Germany used "Fatherland", which links to the word "patriotic". Of course, we have the Statue of Liberty, which is feminine. "Lady Liberty".
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