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Re: Cancer Independence Days

Originally Posted by Lykanized View Post
You're welcome, love!
The grand majority of people really do not understand Cancer, imo. Highly misunderstood sign

Always got to remember that the moon symbolizes the soul and that Cancer is a water sign, not an Earth sign. So its concerns aren't material, but internal. And thus its association with security is because the external/material world doesn't align with the internal spiritual self. So the Cancer has two choices: Retreat and become a hermit, or go into the external and shake things up. Cardinality eventually leads it to the latter
I identify with all the things that you talk about c@ncer. Yet it is hard for me to express it. I wish I didnít have a body and I could just be. This material world is hideous. I get so hung up on how things planned out for us. Thankfully we have people like you that is able to out this into words.
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