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Will The Parents Help Me?


Basically I want to know if my boyfriends parents will step up or in and tell their grandbaby's mother to stop harassing me. Or at least stop the photo's on facebook. She took a photo of my dog (baby) and herself trying to show not only has she has my boyfriend's baby but my dog too. She took the photo sneaky when my boyfriend went to visit the baby with our dog. He left her alone with the dog in the car. She knows how much that dog is (my) baby. We did not think she would use the dog to show how pathetic she is.

I would block her but this is the only way I can show his parents what a problem she is.

My boyfriends parents have been indifferent to me, my boyfriend has asked babymama to take the photo down, I asked her and we argued.

The parents is who she respects, she will listen to no one else...

so my chart interpertation is that everyone feels bad here, sorry I can't explain all the receptions still learning.

It looks like I am mars in virgo, 10th house of inlaws? the parents are saturn? 10th house ruler? she is venus? in the 8th house worried or others money? Gemini which means she is showing 2 faces? she has to be nice but is not happy?

I think the chart shows, the parents feeling bad or week that they can't really do anything. But I think they will help me? I am thinking of letting them know how bad this is getting with this babymama drama....

I know this is childish, but she went to far with the dog. That is my baby. As soon as the dog photo goes down I will block her.
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