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Re: read my chart pretty please :)

yes i do spend a lot. around 21 i started investing and at 25 i really kicked it into high gear. i don't have trouble making money as long as i stay focused (interested) in my work(other peoples projects). but i tend to loose interest in projects for my clients. i'd really rather work on my own stuff(which is usually reading, researching and writing about my findings). I like to exercise a lot.. I m a red head(100 % er) with freckles & im a south paw (left handed).

My dream is to move to south America , have a huge piece of land for farming and gardening. i really enjoy being outside. Currently though i'm on the computer 24/7 because that's the nature of my business (technology, design and commercial real estate). I work with computers,servers and networks all that boring stuff. I'm decent with graphic design software and can design web sites, but i have lost my passion to it partly because i have attached money to it and i'm always working on someone elses projects instead of mine(a little selfish maybe??). i use to think it was for me when i first started my business at 17, but as i understand Taurus' only like to do things when its for themselves , when its for another (in my case for a client) I loose interest really fast to the point where its no longer exciting as it was when i first started it.

I have really vivid dreams all the time, especially since i received a present (amethyst ring that i put on my right pinky finger)., sometimes i dream and the event will happen to me the next day or 2 days. And sometimes it will be about some event that i have no clue what to think, its as if i'm viewing other people that i might or might not know, strange (no tv or chemical candy... fyi..)!!

have any of you studied the mystic test book or Robert Camps works? if so, my card is an Eight of Diamonds, Three of Hearts maybe that can tell you a little more about me.

Either way I would like to know should I wait to get married? I think i have alot of development to do when it comes to that department, but how am i to develop if im not actually married? personal relationships? part of me wants to spend the rest of my life in seclusion reading books and planting seeds and the other part wants(or maybe thinks) to be married with ten children.. thanks again!!
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