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Re: read my chart pretty please :)

You like to talk about weird subjects. Perhaps religion or philosophy. You may have an escapist attitude. Perhaps escaping from the world through drawing or reading or writing. You may experience, through life, a push to be independent. Getting into a good relationship may be difficult at first because of this overwhelming need to depend on oneself. You, yourself may act in a jealous, demanding manner or very different than what people perceive you to be, in a relationship because people probably see you as charming and diplomatic yet firm in day to day life. Could have strange sexual urges which come into conflict with how you act. Your personal earning power should be decent but overspending or not being able to continue making a constant stream of income is a risk.
"In this world there's a kind of painful progress. Longing for what we left behind and dreaming ahead."
-Harper, Angels in America

*If I read a chart it is via the whole sign house system.*

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