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Re: Sibling charts - are me and my sister doomed to never get along?

Originally Posted by ashriia View Post

I think you can get along better, if you understand where she is coming from. And taking a higher ground when you talk to one another. Your both very fiery individuals- both wanting to be "right" or win an argument. Perhaps listening to each others feelings more, would go a long way.

What I see based on the charts -
Is your natal mars conjunct the ic, on her chiron -"where it hurts" - "wounds".
You will lash out because she will make you deeply angry - as you said "push your buttons". That is your Mars - reacting. For her, your Mars, can be like salt in a wound. She will lash out to defend herself in some way. Chiron is a very sensitive point in the chart.

I hope you guys can work out these issues, as squabbling over petty stuff, is a waste of precious time; family is not around forever and you should make the best of it, while you have it.
Thank you for all this information, makes so much sense. We just seem to set each other off like firecrackers, I don't argue with anyone else but her like that.

We managed to make up this morning easily. I'm hoping we can stave off another fight for at least the rest of her holiday..
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