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Re: Sibling charts - are me and my sister doomed to never get along?

Leo is all about attention. "Look at me!" It can be self-centered! I have a Leo ascendant and many people have told me I come off as I want others to wait on me and serve me when I was younger. I also get into trouble with Leo Pluto's, because it becomes "Me" vs. "Me" mentality. I'm right and you're wrong! Fighting over the stage! Who is the leader! Leo's want to be front and center stage. We get into trouble sometimes with Leo.

Other Leo's can be about look at my hair, look at my clothes, look at my shoes, look at my finger nails, look at my make-up. They may be picking out all your imperfections.

Leo's are also theatrical. Drama Queens if they're not disciplined. An actor on stage! Playing the part! I want it my way! We're going to do by my rules! Take it or leave it!

They can be very Military oriented at times too. I'm not that bad, but I know individuals who have a lot more Leo tend to be a bit bossy and pushy in my opinion.
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