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Unhappy Sibling charts - are me and my sister doomed to never get along?

I am an Aries Sun/Libra Moon and my sister is a Leo Sun/Leo Moon. She is 3 years older than me. She lives all the way in another country and I barely see her, yet even by distance we manage to have screaming matches.

She has been on holiday in my country for 3 weeks now. Within the first 24 hours of her being here, me and her managed to get into a huge screaming match. She left to stay at my mum's in another city. I don't see her again for another week, and then she comes back to stay with me at my apartment tonight. Within about 2 hours, we have gotten into another serious screaming match.

It seems she is always crossing my boundaries and trying to wind me up, and then is very manipulating when I finally get upset. She always invalidates how I feel when I get upset (when this happened when I was younger it was worse, as it made me really doubt my feelings and reality a lot).

I am wondering if there is something in our charts that just inherently oppose each other? Or is there difficulty that can be worked through on my end? Our fights are always over nothing and so meaningless, I'm ready to forgive her after they're over almost immediately. But it's just a nightmare the constant cycle. And as we get older, we grow more distant because of it.

My chart:

Her chart:
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