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Re: When will i give birth to my first baby?

first we have to consider if you will get pregnant at all. Moon is in the 4th house(not 5th). Dispositor of the moon is Venus and likewise ruler of the 5th (not querent's co-ruler!). Venus is in Gemini. Asc-ruler Jupiter sits in the first house in Capricorn.
Taurus and capricorn=semi-fertile, gemini=barren sign.
Also Jupiter and Venus are retrograde, which speaks for a delay! Jupiter is debilitated. Venus is in her term.Only really positive testimonial is moon exalted and approaching a trine with Jupiter.However it will not happen soon.
There are many possibilities for the timer. Aspect of Moon to Asc-ruler Jupiter=18 Degrees, Conjunction of Sun with L5 Venus=20Degrees,Moon/sun conjunction=21Degrees. Hence in 18-21 month.
However I think it will be in 3 years in 2023- indicated by mercury/Venus conjunction. Mercury is ruler of the 9th, which is the secondary important house when it comes to child birth (5th of 5th).Mercury likewise as L7,the father of the child in conjunction with Venus, could also signifies the conceiving.

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