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Re: Read my appearance

Originally Posted by Zora View Post
No ASC is only your instinctive manner to begin something, to push your wishes through and how you prefer to do it. With gemini mostly verbally - using words and talk enthusiastic about feelings with your counterpart. Mercury inconjunct moon in 7th house in Sagittarius..

Physical body itself is second house and appearance and what is shown to people and people can see from you for me is 3rd house- what you are born with- with sign and ruler, ruler in house and his aspects. 2nd house is physical body and mineral-metabolism and with Saturn in - good skeleton and bones.

3rd house and appearance is leo under ruler sun- leo is fire sign and "burns" quickly and is mostly slim. Sun is in semisextile with Jupiter in aries double fire and aries/mars rules muscels- show trained muscels but with sun in Taurus not male-like. Sun inconjunct pluto in libra in 5th house is of sexual erotic attractive radiance and appearance due to venus/pluto correspondance with pluto in libra.
Thanks for the explanation! That's very interesting... I learned a lot!
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