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Re: career direction

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lurking on the forum for some time, some time off purposed itself
as a way to finally ask something here.
Any insights for me career wise?
Soon I finish my studies
(I do art studies with emphasis in textile, a mix of theory and hands on practise)
after some drop outs and some time by myself.
I like making things and have some visual/poetic sensibility, I work hard
and I am learning and making more as I go.
But as I am close to graduate I start having the question
of what I want to make out of the things I am trying to develop.
Gallery work, fashion, publications, how mainstream am i willing to go,
what is my position, how I want my daily life to be.
What I miss from working creatively
is somehow a way to use my physical energy, have been having jobs in restaurants and stores to balance it out a bit (and of course making the money i need). sometimes i wonder if i will need always a second career next to my art practice
to be able to afford myself, not lose sense of reality and be physical.
Theres more to say of course but if you have any insights
or advice by seeing my chart, please share them with me, i am still a beginner at astrology
even though i have an interest.
thank you in advance
"...The lord of action is apprehended by two methods
from the sun and from the culminating sign....."
Culminating Sign in this case is ARIES = ruled by Mars
SUN is Culminating
VENUS is Culminating in CAZIMI with SUN

ours is a beginners astrological learning forum
so the following is a link to reliable tips on the topic

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