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Re: Chiron rising

Originally Posted by rahu View Post
hi Miriya

there area couple of interesting patterns in your chart.

the mercury/Uranus midpoint is conjunct the south node. this is indicative of very strong astral/psychic sensitivities . usually this gives you extreme dreams that can be vivid, realistic and can include flying dreams or other out of the body experiences. this shows a capacity to read other peoples thoughts and shows that you have the potential to influence other people thoughts and action. this aspect also give very intelligent mind. you are extremely quick witted and sharp.
as the south node is involved, this pattern can sometimes be confusing and cause you periods of extreme mental confusion. other may occasionally find you acting or thinking in a"crazy"manner,but it is just that at times ,you are overwhelmed by the astral/psychic energies that can go through you .

in addition Uranus is opposed to chiron and the mercury/chiron midpoint is square to the node. this amplifies what I have already written and it adds a very analytical and critical mental faculty. often this aspect also gives you a extremely good memory and sometimes a photographic recall ability.
chiron looks and expect mental coherence in other and as such chiron abhors hypocrisy. with this aspect you have a tendency to alienate friends and other people because when you see a falsehood or fault in a person, you will point this out. most people do not like to have their inconsistencies pointed out, and chiron gives little tact in expressing your opinion.

often with these mental abilities, one will expect others to be just a perceptive and sharp. but that is rarely the case so you may judge other people to harshly as few people have the mental alacrity you do.

it seems that you have always had issues with people about this subject. that is you have unintentionally alienating many people in your life because you mind is so quick ,critical and incisive. this is shown by your sun/moon midpoint being square to the Chiron/Uranus opposition. this can be very unsettling because you have always had a excess for mental energies and probably have had problems expressing all that when through you mind. as already mentioned, sometimes you actions and words have totally overwhelmed others and they could only see you as being "unbalanced". but it is just that you have so much mental and psychic energy running through you

another confusing aspect is your venus/mars midpoint opposed to Jupiter. on the face of this one would expect a lively social life and a loving relationship or even marriage. this is a very attractive aspect both romantically and socially .
but the Uranus/pluto midpoint is square to this opposition which shows on one hand extreme emotional intensity but on the other hand sudden breakups or unexpected external influences that cause breakups.
so even though the venus/mars/Jupiter opposition is associated with success in relationships, your life has been characterized by relationships that abruptly and unexpectedly collapse.


Wow, Rahu! Thanks for that very insightful comment. It's so true it gave me goosebumps.
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