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Re: Multiple Combust planets; how do they present in this life?

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
A chart is only as reliable as the software that creates it

the question concerns the vedic slant
on multiple combust planets and how they present
Since I am not a 'vedic guru', readers particularly 'beginners' please exercise your discretion!

While visibly unmistakable, combustion (and when there is occultation) sounds ominous and indeed in jyotish as per recommendations points do get docked when combustion is seen.

However, combustion per se does not indicate doom and gloom. It does when sun is a malefic in a chart just like a planet conjoining a malefic would indicate problems, obstacles etc.

In this case, sun is a personal indicator and benefic. It could represent difficulties for the mother and/or ancestral house of the nativity.

This is not a comprehensive reading, hence just addressing the point that was asked.

The world is burning with anger and fights! Let us astrologers who are a minority in the population refrain from fighting amongst our tiny community! :-)

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