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Re: Do I get married? When?

Detrimented Mars moving backwards, even if towards the applying aspect, I see as a stepping away from. Then, in addition to Mars' being in detriment and also retrograde, it/he is domiciled in your ill-favored 12th house: characterized by evasion and keeping of secrets.

Also, some astrologers see aspects by retrogradation as having a shocking, severe quality, a "bumping into" feeling to them. And this is coupled with the opposition!

I really don't see a lot of strength for marriage in the term you describe, just a longing as reflected by the the reception between two very weak parties. And it sounds like you don't want to marry. If that is so, then it doesn't matter what a horary chart says. Don't marry!

Best to you.

"You gotta have heart..." Richard Adler 1921-2012
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