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Re: what is the astrological mystery behind this unbreakable bond?

Thanks for this fabulous detailed reading rahu..I see that you have included so many asteroids in your reading which has given it an added dimension and your reading is uncannily true to the actual situation.

There is truly huge family/scocietal/peer pressure against this relationship. Its a very circumstance but like I said the equation somehow survives against all odds. I do not know how Psyche, Ixion, Juno and their aspects manifest in a chart but your interpretation of this tsquare is very close to the truth.

O also had never checked the midpoints..thanks so much for pointing them out to me. Yes, the equation survives because of the strong dynamics of solid commitment.

You are right this is also a strongly sexual equation. You have included aspects of Venus to Eris and Eros here. I wasn't appear of these aspects. I just want a bit more clarity in the meaning of ''Eris is always looking over her shoulder for the one that got away''..I am normally quite secure and trusting, so is this energy coming from him? Also, who is the emotional predator here?
A bit sad to note that the chart seems to say sex is the reason he keeps coming back and leaving..I thought perhaps it could be more than that..there seems to be very strong mental/emotional connection that is difficult to ignore.

I had seen earlier that the lilith is conjunct the ascendant ad ceres but did not understand its you mean to say my forgiving nature makes me a out to be a sort of fool here somehow who is blind to something that should be seen?

Yes, out take on situations are people are uncannily similar..we like and dislike the same people..have the same reactions most of the time..and sense eachother's moods without saying a word..even when we are thousands of miles away from eachother.

Again you are uncannily correct about the nightlife...both of us are party animals who love to dress up, go to nightclubs and parties and we love to do this together..we do indulge in wines and spirits too.

There is definitely an air of truthfulness. But I thought Saturn conjunct Mercury will support the truthfulness rather than allow words that are not kept..isnt it? Saturn supports honesty, it not? Can you say a bit more on this aspect?

And maybe a bit about the current transits and what to expect?

Transiting Venus is retrograde in my 7th house and transiting Pluto about to hot DC..

Heartfelt thanks..

Take care..
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