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Re: what is the astrological mystery behind this unbreakable bond?

Hi c s

mdinaz was accurate in that the vertex/node connection can withstand any pressure if both partners are willing this.

But the relationship’s problems stem from psyche forming a tsquare with the ixion/juno conjunction which is opposed to Chiron. Family or social situations are bring problems. it may be family rivalries or political orientation, but you seek love amid a turbulent peer group.

The sun/moon midpoint is conjunct to Jupiter, so the conscious reason the relationship hangs is that marriage and commitment are the strongest underlying feeling you have.
The venus/mars midpoint is square to the moon giving strong emotional reactions and love to each other.

But these aspects of sex and love are accompanied by aspects of sex and sex, that is the carnal nature of your attraction can abolish the love with developed thru intimate sexuality. Venus is conjunct to Eris and square to Eros. Eris heightens passion but is always looking over her shoulder for the one that might get away. This adds possessive and jealous cord to the bonds of love. One that is emotionally restrictive because a true love is difficult to sustain when your partner is emotionally predatory.

By any count sex is one of the obvious reasons he keep coming back but it is also the reason he keeps leaving. You may not be sensitive to this dynamic as lilth is conjunct the ascendant and ceres. This shows all physical connections are amanifestation of your love and nurturing support of him. Your role is you “heal” and comfort him. This is an important part of the c9onnection as it shows the ability to forgive and nurture…it is also a psychic connection because you both feel the same “gut” reactions at the same time. Your feelings are usually the same of people and things etc. it is a non verbal emotional sympathy you share with each other.
The sun conjunct the node shows a very strong psychic connection. This shows that your both have had eerily similar experiences. It is an aspect for “karma” but is also a aspect of kundilini flow. many coincidences seem to have brought you together and bring back into proximity again.

Neptune is square the node and the sun, bring illusion and deception and unfaithful acts.
This aspect shows great complexity. Nothing is easy to explain and motives are not revealed. There a great secretiveness to the relationship. This aspect can also show a strong social energy. often there is al lot of night life involved. it Can also show problems of over indulgence in “alcohol “or other mood changing substances. It is possible there is an underlying cultural or religious difference.

With sedan square to Jupiter ,there is a sense of truthfulness between you. But the Saturn/mercury conjunction often shows words that are are not kept.

I see that the social/family differences surrounded you in july and august, ‘12

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