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Re: Saturn conjunct North Node in 12th house

Originally Posted by Zarathu View Post
I've never seen any horary rule out there that talks about this. That doesn't mean that its not there, but its not there in mainstream modern horary astrology. Horary is all about rules, and questions leading to a yes/no answer to a question. perhaps someone else has a connection, or maybe the traditionalists do. However, in modern astrology Saturn conjunct the north node IS significant.

Zarathu what does modern horary astrology say about Saturn conjunct the north node?

Originally Posted by insania View Post

Can anyone please tell me, how to interpretate Saturn conjunct North Node in 12th house in a horary chart? The conjunction is really tight: less than 1 degree. I don't want to publish the chart. I could PM it.

I know Saturn in 12th house is pretty bad in a horary chart.
Saturn in the 12th is not bad in a horary chart. It entirely depends on the horary of course. I understand you might not want to post the chart, but at least posting the question gives us some context to actually address your question with anything intelligible.

As a rule, you'd typically prefer the malefics to be cadent. So having Saturn in the 12th may be no bad thing. It also may not be even relevant. If you're asking "will he ask me on a date" and Saturn isn't making any relevant aspects to the Moon, Lord 1 or Lord 7, the fact that he is in the 12th or conjunct the NN may be irrelevant.

Now in general terms, let's imagine that Saturn is somehow relevant - you give us absolutely nothing to work with to actually help you answer your question so all we can do is guess, it may be useful to give us some idea of the context or whether its a significator for the question etc. But let's say that Saturn is making some important aspect, typically speaking the NN adds to what it holds. Some say that the NN is just generally benefic and so the two together would 'cancel' one another out almost, a benefic tempering the malefic influence. However others, and I agree with them, say that the NN is neither benefic or malefic, so much as the NN just adds or amplifies that which it connects with. In this case the NN will amplify the natural malefic tendencies of Saturn and exaggerate its malice.

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