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Re: Comparison of various predictive methods

Originally Posted by iwonder View Post

What is each method - transits, progressions, SR, SA, etc. - best for? And which way is the best to see the actual events?
I use solar and SOL ARCS progressions (1 DEGREE per year). Use sun moon rising MC mostly and SOL SIGN (60TH HARMONIC SUN) - these give significant life periods and cycles/events. Transits are also quite useful, especially if in consort (occur at same time)

4 main points: distance 1 year per degree between sun, moon, rising, sol sun degree, and mc and ic, descendent also. If we include sol moon (60th harmonic moon), and also sol rising and mc, we have 10 in all to compare.

Look for all advances, that is moving ahead. Thus a 5 degree gemini moon in 10th house arc towards the 1 virgo rising, (84 degrees is age 84) as a fulfillment of a lifetime quest or heartfelt interest. In my case, this is either expressed in gemini, moon, or virgo or 1st house fashion, usually some combination, here as a heartfelt need or interest in discerning knowledge and the study of life, a writer looking to achieve or complete work.
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