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Hi to everybody,

I am new to astrology but very keen on. I am with rising. And in 1st house!

I have been going through a hard period in my life, many up and downs; and somehow I met with astrology and started to take online course. We are using whole sign as our lecturer told us that it is the oldest (Hellenistic) approach.

As I mentioned, I am quite new; just finished planets, signs and houses and came to aspects now.

I am not working now, but looking for a job for 6 months. I saw people in my filed, around me easily find jobs, jump one another. But, I have always been the one who have hard times to do that. Maybe is at work, maybe , not know yet.

It is great to find this community because as I am new and have many questions sometimes.

I am also very much interested in manual calculation, math behind astrology such as calculation ASC manually. If you have any recommendation please let me know where I can start.

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