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Re: Sade Sati Questions

I don't have knowledge about remedies. The best remedy is to not drive yourself crazy. Sade Sati is "just" a transit. Dashas have more importance.

The only problem is your Moon in the 8th because the 8th is usually considered to be malefic, especially for natives with cancer rising as you are. The 8th is related to obstacles, dissatisfaction and delays. It is the house of transformations and sudden events (as well negative as positve). nevertheless your Aquarius Moon should balanced that out and get along well with Saturn. She will not only handle it, also Sade Sati could give you positive results.
And as I said...check your Dashas to see which areas are affected. You are in Jupiter Mahadasha since 2007 till june 2023. Jupiter is in his own domicile and in the 9th house (which is natural significated by jupiter) in the rasi chart- that is good and gives him strength but shows the results of his star lord mercury, who is located in the 6th house and burned by the sun. The houses 4,6 and 12 show the themes of this Period. 4 for home and property. 6 and 12 suggest losses, separation, diseases,enemies in the negative term but also gain in investment in the positive term. 12 also for foreign travel. 6 for job/work place and could likewise indicate success in competitions.

Currently you are in Moon Antara Dasha and this phase ends on 24th January. Then Mars bhukti starts, at the same time as Sade Sati. Mars is weak in Libra but exalts Saturn.Hence Saturn should seldom affects this period in a negative way. The areas, which you are dealing the most with at this time are also due to the houses 4,6,12-the same as of the main period and additionally the 10th (=career). Mars Antara Dasha ends on 30th December, followed by Rahu Antara till june 2023. Rahu activates the houses 4,6,12,5,9and 10. Rahu's Star and Sub Lord is Saturn, which is likewise positive. So you might expect benefical reactions through Saturn at this time.
From june 2023-june 2042 you will be under Saturn Maha Dasha. As I wrote above, your Saturn is in the 6th in Sagittarius. Saturn is "ok" with Jupiter ..and the 6th house is also favorable for Saturn and allows growth with the time. He destroys enemies and gives structure in dealing with depts and diseases. Saturn Mahadasha's main impact is on the house themes 4,6,12 (the same as in Jupiter Mahadasha) and also 3 and 7.

In the first phase of Sade Sati Saturn moves into moon's 12th house. It is your 7th house in Capricorn. This period is equal to your Jupiter Mahadasha in Mars and Rahu Bhukti. It could be a troublesome time but since Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, you may also gain success for your hard work, especially in your career area. Job changings are possible and new relationships begins but also separations happen. The main phase of Sade Sati, when Saturn transits in Aquarius, could be the hardest. However ,as I said above, your Moon is in Saturn's team and will handle it. The last phase, when Saturn transits Pisces, should be uncomplicated, since Saturn and Jupiter have a neutral relationship. The second and third period of Sade Sati extends across your Saturn Mahadasha with Saturn and Mercury Bhukti. Mercury signifies the houses 4,6,12 and 3.
It is obvious that the focus in this whole time span is on Work, Wealth and Health. You have to pay attention to your health, since longterm diseases might appear. Feeling loneliness or depression maybe,too.
I can't give you more insights, this would go beyond the scope. If you are really that interested in your Sade Sati and your Dashas, then you should consult a professional astrologer.

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