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Re: How to lose weight

Thanks Iced.

I want to add a few more things i find odd about my body and my weight.

Re weight loss - im finding unusual patterns with my body that i didnt have prior to giving birth to my twins. After my son my body and energy levels and muscular strength went back to normal. After the twins i found huge weight gain in upper body and tummy. On the positive, my muscles are super relaxed, which i like. On the negative, if i do any physical activity at all i get muscle aches and pains above normal and for a long period of time. It's not a good soreness. I cant push through it. And it makes me eat more. I find the vibro disc is indeed working very well, but my cards advise me to do some ab work as well, but no upper body. it's so weird. like, working out my upper body makes me real hungry so i eat more and put on more weight. so im avoiding upper body exercises.

i had to stop the diabetes medication which was doing a great job at decreasing my appetite, my sugar levels, gave me more energy and i was stronger. I had diahrroa and stomach pain and dr said this is a sign my liver doesnt like it so i had to stop.
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