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Re: Sade Sati Questions

You will be in Sade Sati from 25th January. This period isn't always bad and not everyone sense an effect.It depends on the placement of your moon, how much this period will harm you. Your moon is unfortunately in the 8th, which might create the hardest time. However moon is in aquarius, so this should reduce the effect, since Saturn is the natural ruler of that sign. That is why Saturn won't test you that much as other signs. Also your Saturn is sitting in the 6th house in Sagittarius. The ruler of that sign is Jupiter and works in harmony with Saturn. This likewise could minimized the harsh results of Sade Sati. Next thing is to check your Maha Dashas at that time because Dashas and Transits have to show the same results. So if you have great Maha Dashas, then you can't have a bad Sade Sati.

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