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Smile Sade Sati Questions

Hello fellow astrologers! I learned about Sade Sati last year when I found out my sister was going through it, and had ended up getting married and then divorced 2 weeks later... and I went on an astrology hunt searching for answers. Well, I think I am entering into my Sade Sati period, and everything I've read is just FREAKING me out. Everything online is so negative about it! Is there a Western Astrology equivalent? And if anyone knows Chinese Astrology, is there a Chinese Astrology equivalent? I was trying to research this, but couldn't find much, other than the Solar Return... but I don't believe that is the same thing.

Anyways, can someone please help me understand Sade Sati more so that I can get in a more positive mindset? Also, can anyone maybe help me determine where my Sade Sati will affect me? In terms of, which aspect of my life it will impact?

My birth details:
London, UK

Please try to keep this positive... I am already worried due to all the negative stuff I've read, and what happened with my sister. Thank you!
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