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Re: How to lose weight

Originally Posted by Abby83 View Post
well on a positive note i decided to turn to my psychic visions for a bit of advise. i asked god. i saw a vision of a bow and a ribbon. so i tried dance with ribbons and therabands and i must say it gave me a good workout that wasnt hard and worked my muscles.

Second thing i tried was the virbro disc. this is great cos it energises me so i have the energy to exercise. but i must say, when it comes to my kids, as much as i love and miss them their constant crying and fighting drives me nuts and drains my energy again!!!!
Mars is in the 5th house of children in this chart.

Maybe a solid exercise/hobby that included your kids would help them to stop arguing and fighting with each other?

Is there some very physical game or exercise or hobby that you can all do together, to deflect their negative energy and burn off some toxic energy"?

ETA: We had 2 doggies that had grown up together and gotten along well. For some reason they began being aggressive with each other and had a few scuffles.

The trainer insisted we begin running them together, twice a day. They stopped fighting as soon as we began doing that.

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