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Re: Saturn-Pluto conjunction will occur in my 7th house

You have sun on Venus, which is a lovely aspect to have. You should be charming. Are you sure you aren't just heavily Hungarian? No offence meant.
The archetypes which are located in the 12th house aren't available for the native. So these archetypes I'm missing. Hungarians are actually heavily Sagittarian.

[/Quote]Well you probably need to look at your D12 chart (Dwadasamsa) to see what you're missing. [/Quote]

Vedic astrology with tropical signs? What's your comment about that I'm on Mercury mahadasha since last week?

This will help you get attached and passionate about what you aspire to and enhance yourself over what you will do. You will be selective about what you like. This will be in favor of reconciliation with what is wrong and listening while being appreciated. You will know how to make the most of being appreciated or loved. What will please you or promote love will be to assert yourself in a goal while committing to what you aspire to. It will be in favor of being appreciated or loved by showing yourself convincing.
I'm in a decision paralysis at the moment. In a daydreaming state with that Neptune transit.

And I've always had difficulties to be 'passionate and committed' about something. Mars in a fixed sign, intercepted, retrograde and choked by Saturn So I rarely act... I'm the one who are usually acted upon I just go with the flow trying to pick up the thread of my life. I try to trust the Universe and the Divine Plan but now I am confused.

NB: your answer to the previous post confirms the correction of your wife's birth time at 9:51 am very precise. You can take it into account.
I asked her mom.... She said 'pukul sepuluh dah siap dah' that means by 10am it [the birth of my wife] was ready so you hit it
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