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Originally Posted by petosiris View Post
Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are masculine
Moon and Venus are feminine
Mercury is common
Originally Posted by petosiris View Post
Heat, dryness and cold are masculine, moisture is feminine
Moisture and dryness clearly oppose each other, but why would moisture oppose both heat and cold, which oppose each other as contrary powers? Why isn't Saturn and cold also feminine lending to perfect symmetry?

The reasoning is physical. Dry air heats and cools extremely fast, which leads to high variation between diurnal and nocturnal temperature in deserts compared to little variation in humid regions as moisture slows both heat and cold. As in eastern, morning and equinoctial planets, the male takes the first place that is faster, and as in western, evening and solstitial planets, the female takes the second place that is slower. I hope that the ladies don't get offended, since the two maleficent planets are the ones that are masculine.
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