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Re: Saturn-Pluto conjunction will occur in my 7th house

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
Thanks guys for your responses.

Jan 6, 1971 around 10:00am, Ipoh, Malaysia. The time isn't exact and her ascendant is on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp. Her Sun conjunct my descendant in synastry.
Her Moon is applying conjunct Saturn (Moon rules her 5th house of romance/sex). Saturn is also conjunct Juno - her ideal mate. This signifies basically looking for reliable - stable mate. Her 7th house ruler Mercury is in detriment and retrograde with a square to Pluto in the 7th house. With Mercury also ruling the 4th house, maybe some family history/abuse going on fueling the inability to sexually connect. Venus is also in detriment in Scorpio and anaretic..some kind of running away from the Scorpio energies perhaps into something more spiritual --very close to Neptune in Sag...transcendence into something very ideal. Your Chiron conjunct her Neptune also contributes to not wanting to spoil things with sex. Your Saturn and her Mars probably creates most of the tension keeping you apart. She's probably more interested than you are but you sabotage due to vulnerability. You have the aspect natally as well so you are the one most likely putting the breaks on things.

Uranus approaching her Moon should shake things up one way or another.

My suggestion to you is that since you are a virgin and can't seem to get things going in your marriage...and you seem so interested in changing that situation, maybe you should either see a sex therapist or seek a sexual experience somewhere with someone to see if it's all cracked up to what you think it is. I can't imagine what it must be like to live without sex. One thing is for sure, astrology is not going to solve your problems. Take the bull by the horns and change your life into what you would like to be. There are plenty of self-help books to help you in this regard.
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