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Thanks guys for your responses.

Saturn rules your descendent, have you done a Saturn return?
Yes, my Saturn is in 11 Sco 0 so I've done my Saturn Return in 2013-14. That was a significant period for me.

1) Do not look for something unpleasant in the transit of Neptune to the MC
Too much questions and too little of solid points with Neptune... Seeking answers in a foggy plain...

3) You can, if you wish, indicate the precise birth data of your wife
Jan 6, 1971 around 10:00am, Ipoh, Malaysia. The time isn't exact and her ascendant is on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp. Her Sun conjunct my descendant in synastry.

5) Can you indicate significant periods for you (year and month)?
Yes, autumn 1996 when we moved house (and changed school) when I was 12. And a series of events in 2014 when I got my driving license, got a surgery (circumcision), married and moved from Hungary to Malaysia.

I'm wondering with your Sun/Venus in 12 if you might be involved in some behind the scenes flirtations?
I'm unattractive to women so..... No

How is it that you went from being a 35 years old virgin to being married in a month? At least that's what your previous posts say
Yes, I'm a 35 years old virgin and married for 5 years. Oh my Yod.... It's a paradox but true especially if relationship planets and houses are involved

Actually I am married on Apr 26, 2014 when progressed Venus and transit Jupiter hit my ascendant and transit Pluto hit my descendant.

This year I had my progressed Sun hit my ascendant but no major event happened....
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