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Re: Saturn-Pluto conjunction will occur in my 7th house

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
Thanks Ecliptoque.

This isn't a loving marriage by the way....

Currently I have Neptune transit over the MC which is quite obnoxious. I'm running a business which turned humdrum a bit and I am questioning myself that 'is it really my path?' and I can't see clearly my choices if I want to change.
I looked at your progressions. Right now you have your progressed Moon applying to conjunct your natal Saturn - it is exact on Jan. 6 so near the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. I imagine you're feeling depressed with this progression and since Saturn rules your 7th house in both your natal and progressed chart, you are looking at your marriage. Moon progresses to natal Mars after that so maybe more energy for your work (Mars rules 10th in traditional whole house system) or since Mars is in your 5th of romance - more energy expended there.

I'm wondering with your Sun/Venus in 12 if you might be involved in some behind the scenes flirtations? In your Solar Arc progressed chart you have Venus conjunct your natal ascendant in a couple of years which could signify a love affair or maybe a rekindling of your marriage.

In the meantime, the Moon/Saturn feelings should dissipate later in the winter.
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