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Re: Saturn-Pluto conjunction will occur in my 7th house

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
Thanks Ecliptoque.

This isn't a loving marriage by the way....

Currently I have Neptune transit over the MC which is quite obnoxious. I'm running a business which turned humdrum a bit and I am questioning myself that 'is it really my path?' and I can't see clearly my choices if I want to change.
Aside from the 7th, you have moon on ascendent, which effects you personally and is caught up in the Saturn/pluto transit. Have you felt anything up to now?.
The transits may help you transform your position in your marriage, and your attitude towards it.
Your natal sun/uranus opposition needs a lot of freedom, and may push you to bolt, in general.
Saturn rules your descendent, have you done a Saturn return?

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