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Re: Understanding The Moon In Libra

Originally Posted by Mister Skeleton View Post
@Zora So Libra is also trade and profession and not associated with art in general? I didn't really quite understand. Can you elaborate more on that? I

Also... here is the chart again in Placidus.

No for me - libra is not in general about art - libra is an air sign and a communicative sign and a venus in libra ist about making contacts and to meet people. In natural zodicac libra is in 7th house - house of contacts -where we meet a counterpart and share and exchange something - expect something and get something.

Art is more taurus venus - doing something physically with your hands - painting, sculptures etc. - and venus in sagittarius and pisces and cancer and scorpio (dark art) as well.

With libra in 2nd house - depending where venus is placed in - libra meets taurus- you might have skills and talents for both - to be an artist and a good trader to sell your products and earn your money with. But also for example skilled for to be a commercial agent selling products for money. (As my husband is )

Art is more venus connected with neptune and jupiter and also uranus and for creativity and expression of creativity placements in 5th house.

A moon in libra in 11th house might be gifted to deal or trade products on internet area or social media level (11th house) and to take roots in society in with it (11th house) to play a role in society.

Moon in 11th house and sun in 12th house is the most farest away placement and position from personal area. Those people are not very much interested in personal subjects more in society subjects and always feel an inner supra-personal order to follow and to give a contribution to society.

An 11th house moon often feels all influence outside - knows and perceives some things like a preview of future or a "new trend to come" in advance - but mostly don't feel own needs and desires and how to manage to personally feel well.

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