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Originally Posted by Domna View Post
I have a similar situation in my chart. Sun loosely conjunct Chiron, both opposite Saturn. Saturn and Sun also square my Moon. I don't know if I have much wisdom to share, but I'm interested, so I'll follow this thread.

I have experienced some of the same stuff in my life... bullying and some traumatic times, plus insecurities and self-esteem issues that I had to work through... but overall I don't feel like I carry much of a wound these days. I also have an overly developed sense of optimism and good pair of rose colored glasses though (Jupiter trine/sextile Saturn and Chiron, dominant Neptune parallel Saturn, contraparallel Sun, trine Moon), so I guess I tend to believe that everything will work out. And thus far everything has worked out for the best in the end.
Do you think the wounding you described resolved itself with the natural passage of time? As in, maturity and life experience helped you respond to life with trust? The reason I ask is Iím coming up to my first Saturn return in the next year or two and I think this is why Iíve started to ponder Saturn and itís relationship to my chart and to astrology in general. I like to imagine all the heaviness will lift eventually! Itís interesting what you said about Jupiter and Neptune. Thereís no such thing as a ďbad chartĒ I suppose - just life lessons etc. It easy to forget that, at least for me, and you mentioning Jupiter and Neptune reminded me Iíve got a beautiful Jupiter trine to a bundle of planets (venus, north node, Uranus, Mars and Neptune - the latter three of which are one degree after the other so v close conjunction - all in Capricorn, mostly in the 3rd). To say Iím an obsessive person is an understatement. I like to think Jupiter will eventually help balance things out and bring more joy and trust.
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