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who does he love most?

Ok so I have this issue with an ex that came back but he's is still talking to the girl he started dating after me.

With Tarot I can see that she's very active towards him (queen of wands) and
there's something going on between them but with my lenormand I get the
Ring+Dog and Letter so wondering perhaps they are just now
social media pen pals.

Who does he love most? her or me

well Lord 7 on Lord 1 I would say he's most interested in me but he's sexually attracted to her with him as Sun Conjunct with Mercury, on House 2 (why house 2, that's the home) although he's on L1 he's conjunct with mercury

What are his feelings for her?
Well I see that he is very interested in her but since the question was geared towards knowing what "type" of feelings perhaps online flirtations? House 9)
both are on House 9 with my lenormand I get Mountain and World with tarot.. so distant love?
Lord 7 is conjunct with Mercury (her)
and both planets are on
House 9 of travels and distance

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