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Astrology, Life Purpose, Destiny

Just a heads up the the Astrology University is hosting a 48-hour conference on their website and also, I think, FaceBook, which will feature 14 astrologers speaking on the subject of "Astrology, Life Purpose and Destiny.

Demetra George and Kelly Surtees will be giving presentations, and both of them take a traditional approach. The rest of the speakers are either psychological or evolutionary astrologers, the ones whose work I know are my friend Lynn Bell, Steven Forrest, Frank Clifford and Mark Jones and there are about 10 others whose names I'm familiar with but I don't really know there work.

Anyway, it is being broadcast live and it start in about an hour.

The reason I'm giving this heads up is because it is FREE! If you can't make it but are interested, it will be recorded, but my understanding is that will not be free, alas.

Here is the link to go to if you would like to attend. the conference is today and tomorrow:
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