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Staying/moving? *New Chart*

Okay, well I have decided to post a new chart.

My belief is the S.N. in the 1st chart in the previous post on the forum applies some level of mischief and it's position itself runs a risk of unreliable results in the house of self-identity so, therefore, I am posting a second chart to not have to worry about the risk.

This second chart I posted (attached) is from another astrologer who casted the chart below so I am cutting and pasting exactly as it was sent for possible analysis by those interested in taking a look.

Details surrounding my question:
I want to move if and ONLY IF it makes financial sense to do so. I have been looking into this location for some time now. It is a state I definitely would like to live in and willing to set new roots and retire there for the long-term ONLY if it makes financial sense (from what the chart reveals) . This would mean switching my primary home from this place I'm currently in to the other state as my new primary home (I would be happy in either home). In order to do so, I would be selling the current one I'm living in and taking the proceeds to purchase the new one. I will likely have to come out of pocket some extra funds to cover the full price of the new home or get a small loan for that difference.

In my decision-making process, it requires comparing the two homes. I compare my current primary home's estimated potential equity to the other state's home (which includes as well the estimated potential equity and the rental income potential since it has an ADU attached to the main home). Upon crunching the numbers from both sides, it seems for the long haul the home in the other state will be a better long-term. My decision is purely based upon the numbers game between the two so in this situation does it affect how be assign the significators in the chart?

I have gone back and forth with the astrologer who casted the chart and upon reading through responses, I am still unsure who the main significators are. From what I have gathered, I see it as there are two properties being looked at for comparison which determines the basis of the move. It's the financial comparisons between the two properties (current home's potential equity and the other home's potential equity and potential rental income).

Should I be assigning at the 1st and 7th to represent the homes or the 4th and 10th based upon my circumstances surrounding my question?
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