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Originally Posted by ChildOfVenus View Post
Yes, I recently finished school for Massage Therapy. And I've thought about Hospice Massage. But I need a second career option. When I was a kid I wanted to volunteer at my local Humane Society. And I've always been into saving stray cats. I took in two stray cats when they were kittens and a puppy. Sometimes I feed stray cats in the neighboorhood. But I stopped because It was really heartbreaking when I found out the stray cat I was feeding died due to being attacked by other cats. She had kittens so It just really hurt a lot.
What happened to the kittens did you find them? What about concentrating on the massage therapy, building up a client base and offer therapy for cats? You could even volunteer at an animal shelter and give therapy for free there (good exposure). I know it sounds weird to offer therapy for cats but humans would pay anything to treat their pets and you’ll be doing good deeds.
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