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Re: UCL 2017/2018 Chelsea vs Barcelona

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Today we have two more matches for UCL 2017/2018.

In Munich, Bayern seems to be the big favourite but beating Besiktas does not seem to be such an easy task since the Turks ended in 1st place their stage group, which had Monaco, Porto and Leipzig. They are a competitive team with lots of experient players, as Adriano, Quaresma or Pepe, and have in Talisca a dynamo for long-shots and heading.

In London, the Blues will try to get a good score against one the top-favourite teams to win the trophy, but will they be capable of blocking Messi and Co.?

Bayern vs Besiktas. Munich. 19:45UT

Bayern: willpower; strenght; happyness; momentary nervousness;
Besiktas: irregular playing determination; discontent; repression.

Prediction:Bayern to win. I would go with 3-1.

Chelsea vs Barcelona. London. 19:45UT

Chelsea: talented ideas; success; luck; laborious/tactical playing; roughness
Barcelona: pessimism; disappointment

Prediction: Chelsea to win. I would go with 2-1.
Bayern vs Besiktas, 5-0. First 15 min were decent by Besiktas, then a Red Card (discontent) lead them to total loss (Repression). Bayern, by the other hand, scored only 1 goal in 1st half (momentary nervousness) but managed to crash their opponent with 4 goals during the 2nd half (Willpower).

Chelsea vs Barcelona, 1-1. Against Messi's Barcelona, any draw may be good. But the true is that Chelsea played very well tactically, with a robust defence. Barcelona was really a dissapointment because one would expect - in theory - a better performance against this fragile Chelsea of 17/18. I confess I was overconfident here in my prediction, and did not take into account the fact that both ASC and MC gave important draw indications. But, in retrospective, Chelsea could had won the game. Good charts to save though.
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