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Re: When will my sister get a new job?

Starlink-Very interesting!

So in this case, whatever the reason was that she wanted to leave, she then comes back and will burn her partner, or the partner will do what she wants (even though that will be probably a mistake as he does not see clearly what is going on, being combust. Another interpretation would be that partner runs blindly into another contract or situation with your sister) as Venus runs into Sun.
She may not be able to legally terminate her contract. (she's currently working very closely with a legal advisor.) The partner is male, and from everything she has said he is inefficient and costing the partnership money but he is keen to keep my sister contracted with him as she is apparently very competent at her job-although they clash temperament-wise.

The 12th house still intrigues me Lilly. It is ruled by 2 significators and one of them is Venus!, the partner. (Libra intercepted) So maybe the partner has been doing something illegal and therefore your sister wants to get out before she will be involved or associated with that situation?
My sister highly suspects the partner of devious financial dealings and acting outside legal parameters for the industry. She already has found him to be a liar.She does want to get out before the proverbial makes it to the fan-yes.
I guess I am worried she will be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, but natally she has Neptune on her 7th cusp-she never sees it coming...She is however, starting to listen to astrological guidance, as the charts done so far in relation to her awkward situation have proven to be accurate.
I will definitely keep you posted Starlink...
Best wishes, Lillyjgc
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