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Re: When will my sister get a new job?

But as the 12th relates to self undoing, maybe its suggesting that the action she takes will not be in her best interests.(Thats what worries me actually)
Yes indeed! Also that combust Venus does not look good to me.

You could actually be right seeing her going back to the partnership. If Mars changes into Leo, Mars will be ruled by the Sun and as you see, Sun is in the house of partnership again. So in this case, whatever the reason was that she wanted to leave, she then comes back and will burn her partner, or the partner will do what she wants (even though that will be probably a mistake as he does not see clearly what is going on, being combust. Another interpretation would be that partner runs blindly into another contract or situation with your sister) as Venus runs into Sun.

The 12th house still intrigues me Lilly. It is ruled by 2 significators and one of them is Venus!, the partner. (Libra intercepted) So maybe the partner has been doing something illegal and therefore your sister wants to get out before she will be involved or associated with that situation?

I am curious as to know what she will do. She will for sure change something, going into Leo.

You think this could be a possibility? Is the partner female? (because of Venus ruling 7).

cheers, Star.
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