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Re: When will my sister get a new job?

Starlink: Thankyou (again!). I'm fine with you taking house one cusp as the person who asked the question.I am not always clear which house to use.
I think the way you have done it makes sense because it means her ruler, Mars is in the tenth-which fits the question.Also that brings Venus to the H7 cusp Taurus. The ruler of her current business partnership, and I see Venus is dignified there but void of maybe this indicates, (a fixed sign) that the business partner isnt *going anywhere*-not leaving the picture, although mars and venus are separating from a square, and venus wont be aspecting Mars again for some time.

So now we have house 10 as her recent job, ruled by the Moon, and 10th of the 10th will be the radical 7th, ruled by Venus and as co-significator Sun. Moon, co-significator of sister in the 8th, just leaving Mercury. She is worried about something. Maybe she does not feel supported by her partner anymore? Mercury rules her 12th , 8th and 9th. Yes, the legal problems she is facing could be bothering her and I dont really know what the 12th house has to do with this, something secret?

I don't know what the house 12 (being ruled also by Mercury) is about either...I guess there's things she's not telling me about.
But as the 12th relates to self undoing, maybe its suggesting that the action she takes will not be in her best interests.(Thats what worries me actually)
The moon will sextile mars before mars leaves the sign.
Her job ruler is in the house of shared resources, taxes, financial entanglements.But void of course and about to go retrograde which brings mercury back to the partnership.
To me, despite her stated intention, it looks like she's not going to leave her current job....but of course I may be wrong.Venus going to combustion may be telling us that her partnership is about to combust!
I found this quite a confusing chart actually, but I see a fixed sign on seventh cusp so she might end up being *stuck*.
Please feel free to comment....anyone.
Thanks Star, Lillyjgc
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