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Re: When will my sister get a new job?

Hi Lilly, you said that your sister asked the question,
I was asked this question (by my sister)
, so I would take the 1st house, not the 3rd. That would mean that you are asking a question about your sister's job.
Moon is indeed VOC, so this could mean that she is not finding another job. But that to me is a little bit too easy.
Maybe not right now, but when Moon gets active again lateron , in own sign, things could change perhaps.

So now we have house 10 as her recent job, ruled by the Moon, and 10th of the 10th will be the radical 7th, ruled by Venus and as co-significator Sun. Moon, co-significator of sister in the 8th, just leaving Mercury. She is worried about something. Maybe she does not feel supported by her partner anymore? Mercury rules her 12th , 8th and 9th. Yes, the legal problems she is facing could be bothering her and I dont really know what the 12th house has to do with this, something secret?

Venus is very very strong as ruler of this sign Taurus and acc. dignified as well in the 10th, but oh boy, she is "under the Sunbeams" and moving ingoing towards worse burning. She is probably not seeing the whole picture regarding the next job. She should be careful before jumping ship I would say. It can also show how her business partner is feeling (or is going to face).

Mars rules your sister and shows her in her recent job where she is not really happy but also not totally unhappy . Mars being in fall there, but accidentally dignified and ruler of the triplicity by day and night might show that.

Now, will Venus and Mars get together before Mars gets out of Cancer?
Nope, she won't. Mars will however start something new (or change) soon in about 2 somethings (month, weeks?).

Much later, when both have changed signs, they will sextile one another (6th of June if my eyes are not deceiving me). Maybe she then could find a job, not necessarily the one she is thinking of right now, but who knows.
Moon will translate the light from Venus to Mars as well. Maybe a female in her recent job could help her find the next job?

Moon will immediately after leaving her sign, oppose Pluto, great turmoil or transformation for her? After all, Pluto is the modern ruler of her Ascendant and I do want to keep that in the back of my head. (not if he would just be a Planet somewhere, not signifying anything). Pluto is in term of Venus, the 2nd job.
I would say that she could find a second job quite soon, but dont know if it will be to her liking (Venus under Sunbeams going to combustion).

About your question
Both the current job and the *new job* have the same ruler and Mercury will be retrograding soon..going back to something

(still using the 3rd house as your sisters):
I just read Frawley on the same rulers for Querent and Quisited. He writes that that is often seen when it is the querents own business.

Also, in order to find another ruler you could take the Almuten of that second job. In this chart (still with 3rd house sister), there is no Almuten. Mercury is still the strongest. Frawley then suggests to take the next cusp's ruler, so that would be the turned 11th (ruler Moon).
I thought this could be interesting to know. It was new to me as well.

I wonder what you think of me taking the first house as sister.
Cheers, Starlink

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