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When will my sister get a new job?

I was asked this question (by my sister) 7th May 2008, Sydney Australia at 16:26.Lat. 33.55S Long:151.10E. I cast the chart using Placidus cusps and Scorpio rises at 4 deg 17min.

My sister is currently in the process of ending a contractual agreement (income source) in the Telephone Marketing field.She has been looking for a new job for some time now but this last week has made a very intentioned effort to secure a job similar to the one she is leaving.She wants to know how long it will be before she begins a new job.

I take my sister as house 3 cusp. Pluto is positioned just inside her first house.The cusp is at 28 deg 53 sag. is there so jupiter is her ruler. The late degree of her first house cusp is already suggesting my sister is about to reach a critical stage.The presence of Pluto there strongly emphasises my sister's intention to *change her life*-to *build on solid ground * were her exact words.

Her ruler, Jupiter, is on the cusp of her income/possessions house , ruled by Saturn, sitting stationery in her ninth..(yes, she is tied up in legals regarding the contract she seeks to end with her current business partner).
Jupiter is in Fall but receives accidental dignity by being on an angle, but Jupiter is soon to station and retrograde, which suggests my sister might *go back and reconsider her position*.

The ruler of her income is Saturn and Saturn has just gone direct, and is in a poor state, disposited by mercury in her sixth.Saturn, ruler of her income, is peregrine, which is not a good state for one's finances.
The ruler of her existing job is her turned tenth, ruled by mercury.
Mercury is dignified by sign here but not by house.The moon conjuncted mercury 5 *somethings* ago..I suggest this is *days* as being the time she started putting all her energy into job applications.

A new job would be her tenth from the cusp 9 in the turned chart- this house is also ruled by mercury...
So my sister's ruler is jupiter and the new job would be mercury (same ruler as existing job!.Does this mean shes not going to leave after all?)
Jupiter is in saturns sign and saturn is in mercury's sig, and mercury is in its own sign Gemini....Mercury squared Saturn 6 *somethings * ago-
The only aspect between jupiter and mercury is a sesisquadrate closely applying, not a ptolemaic aspect.

Mercury is also void of course, making no applying aspects and in a weak house (her turned sixth)
This suggests to me she may not leave her current job...Both the current job and the *new job* have the same ruler and Mercury will be retrograding soon..going back to something.
The moon, also ruling the querent, is in her sixth house-daily work.It is in Gemini so maybe she is in two minds (noting also natally she is sun Gemini).
Technically the moon is void of course also-suggesting no change in job.
The current business partner is ruled by cusp of house 9, also Mercury!
But the late degree on the relevant cusps tells me *something is going to happen*....but what?
Any input appreciated.
Cheers Lillyjgc

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