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Re: worried about husbands career

reyrpm :

why attach tropical placidus chart on vedic forum? sort of carelessness, casualness amidst adversity, no chart added for ready ref alongwith PM, expecting others to do all our work imposing our anxiety. question asked several times on the forum, different threads.

proceeding as per vedic chart making mental approx, based on the placidius chart attached :

scorpio asc secretive and sentimental, asc mars with moon over cancer 9th, volatile emotions, luck and finances.

moon aslesha nakshatra sniffing intelligence but temper of lakshmana perhaps. movable cancer inimical/badhaka for the fixed scorpio asc luck, higher education, distant travels etc under stress-delay.

venus dasa till age 40, venus lord 7th over the 2nd financial support from wife perhaps, venus lord 12th over the 2nd spending money on family perhaps, sun-venus sag 2nd love of beauty and splendor, but venus combust sun may not be good for finances as such, while may have artistic aptitudes, charismatic flowery impressive speech etc.

jup now transit elevated cancer 9th promoting luck, finances, trine scorpio asc promoting health and well-being, but under stress-delay over inimical cancer 9th. jupiter trine ketu pisces 5th promoting change and spiriutality, while could have some anxiety too. contained by trine aspect of jup till mid-015.

come nov sat for 2.5yrs moves to asc enemy sign asc scorpio, trine moon not good, impacting health, urological issues etc, aspect leo 10th for career under stress, jup trine aspect scorpio containing stress till mid-015.

natal saturn over enemy sign leo 10th for career under stress, while could be good for public administration skills, autocratic. saturn aspects own acq 4th protective of property matters/domestic comforts but not good for mother's health probably.

next year jup moves to natal sat leo 10th promoting employment-career trine own sag 2nd and sun-venus for finances-family and trine aries 6th promoting employment prospects. while sat significator for health-employment under stress over scorpio asc. mer scorpio occult-research aptitudes, aptitude for astrology etc.

currently rahu transit friendly virgo 11th over natal rahu 1.5yr, gains through foreigners/other races muslims etc.

ketu pisces 5th seeking change and anxiety thereof.

venus dasa, followed by 6yrs sun dasa at 40+, sun lord 10th for career over friendly sag 2nd for family-finances, sun-venus conj, may be finances through artistic aptitudes, sales, etc. sun sag philosophical, ambitious, optimistic, sportive, impulsive. venus lord 12th, may be finances through foreign sources, while rahu over virgo 11th gains through foreigners. moon-mars over 9th for distant travels.

moon own cancer 9th aptitude for psychology-education etc. moon-mars technical education, technical teaching perhaps. sun-venus 2nd for speech, charismatic speech. mer for communications over asc scorpio, research orientation, ability to go to depths. saturn leo admin aptitude.

thus tech teaching-research-admin role at university, may be foreign university, may be head of department. jupiter now transit cancer trine saturn scorpio asc laying the teaching-training foundation now, rahu transit 11th for gains, and next year jupiter transit saturn leo 10th heading towards administrative role in teaching-training and administration in foreign university/foreign firms, help from foreigners/foreign friends.

hope generic observations-inputs help take stock of chart-transits, find helpful to evolve appropriate action with patience.

jup transit 9th for luck and later transit saturn 10th for career trine sun-venus 2nd for speech and splendor. sun dasa follows sooner ahead, better times hopefully in terms of family-finances-career. venus dasa, venus combust, good for beauty and splendor in poetic terms but may be not finances, may be establishing finances through foreign countries.

rahu transit 11th virgo for gains, gains through foreigners to watch and explore coming 1.5yr

wishing luck ahead, could share specific feedbacks,

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