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Would you be willing to rectify my birth chart? I need a few opinions

I have rectified my natal chart 3 times 3 different ways.

My birthtime on my birth certificate is 2:00 am and the 3 times I rectified my birth chart, these are the birth times I got:

2:01:30 am
2:02 am
1:56 am

The last two are so different and for Vedic astrology these differences really count, especially in terms of changing the AC placement in my Navamsa, then there's other more sensitive Varga charts like the Shastiamsa chart.

I would really love to get your result of rectifying my chart, that way if I get a few I can get an idea of which time is the most supported.

Second best to that would be to have the name of your rectification method.

Many thanks.
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