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Re: rectifying a conception chart

They say the soul enters the body at birth, and this may be true, but my connection to my conception chart has left me wanting to know more.

I feel there may be quite some validity to this:

"...It may be stated that the Epoch has a more intimate relationship with the individual than the horoscope at birth, the latter appearing to reject the personality and its heredity and environment. In other words, the Epoch represents the man about to manifest in the flesh, the horoscope denotes actual personal conditions and environments into which he is born. ..."-- Bailey.

I have not analyzed mine fully enough to feel whether it reflects personal conditions and environments in addition to personality or not, but the 8th house Leo stellium with Jupiter conjunctions to retrograde Mercury and Venus, as well as the intercepted 7th house with Chiron, and 12th house Rahu, are very intriguing, as well as the draconic chart of my conception date and time. I know I may sound like a looney to some reading this, but it's just patterns I can't deny.

EDIT: This may not be my chart. I have been told I was born on time but it looks like I was probably just under 2 weeks late. This would make sense because my grandparents, who had travelled a long way for the purpose of my birth, nearly missed me, as I arrived a night or two before their return. The new chart I found is EVEN closer to home to me, including the details, the ASPECTS; so this is a huge lesson for me. A lesson in intuition and differentiation.
Who would have wonder I have such a love-hate relationship to that energy and that I'm so big on self-worth development vs. accpmplishment bandaids I know all too well...and that don't work...and that I can't even continue anymore. Confusing for a sidereal Cap Moon and a Western NN in Cap in the 10th.

It's gotten me really interested in soul and matter connection, and wishing I could read more theories regarding when it is that these two really merge, but I haven't found much material on this.

For this purpose, I watched Teal's video "should I get an abortion or keep the baby", which I'll reference below. She gives an interesting perspective about my question between 1:04 and 5:20. Any validity of this would imply that some people relate more to their conception charts than others.

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