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Re: Need of input on life

Hey CiD,

Although I'm guessing what you want most is opinions from us (since you already research so much) I'm feeling a little lazy about giving some of my own input on life at the moment, so I'd like to share a few influences I really love.

I love Teal Swan's input on life, generally speaking. I also really like her weekly podcast "Tea Time with Teal" where she exchanges ideas with her husband Sarbdeep. Teal and also Tara Brach I have found very helpful when it comes to "coming home", but in a way that feels grounding and is focused on having a better present moment without having to discover a million new pieces of the puzzle.

You might also enjoy Nora and Wendy's channelling of the Pleiadians.

If I understood you have a son, depending on how "lost" you want to get, I also enjoy Almine ;-).

Lost meaning how deeply can you plunge into metamorphosis. If I've gone there it obviously means the better part of me knew it was worth it, but I still feel like warning you that if you have any anxiety with regards to not being able to function in the physical realm for a period, you might be better off tending to that. For instance I've actually taken a semester off university, and due to my programs I still felt anxious about how I was using my time for a while, but thank goodness, no where near as much if I were still faced with the responsibilities that come with being immersed in a usual education system. That weight would have been more clutter on clutter. The nice thing about not having to mentally face all fear at once, is that you can actually give yourself permission to be in a space where that undoing process can begin.

EDIT: I forgot to add Victoria Vives Khoung's sacred frequencies!!! Welcome forehead pain :-). Probably one of the only forms of mild self-abuse I find acceptable at the moment.

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