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Re: Capricorns and Addictions

Though I agree with mdinaz's indicators for addiction in general I remember Bob Marks and a few other astrologers saying how surprised they were by the number of Capricorn Suns in rehab. For alcohol, specifically. Their explanation was earthy, driven Capricorn does not react well to certain liquids.

But now I'm wondering if that was during the early 90s...? Because if it was, that means every Capricorn would have eventually had to deal with both Neptune and Uranus transiting their Suns. Something had to give.

That happened to my Dad - his Sun on my Neptune. I was born in 1990. He relapsed shortly after I was born.

Edit to add: Dad had Neptune square Mercury (*5), and most probably square a Moon/Chiron conjunction (don't have exact birth time.) His only aspect to his Sun was a square from Mars, so you can see how he wouldn't cope well with T. Neptune and T. Uranus over his Sun. Besides that Mars isn't badly aspected.
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