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Need of input on life

Hello again all. I am still trying to get in a habitual trend of expressing and denoting the emotional state of thy energy serpent. My destination in the human world or physical world is to obviously reach enlightenment and become one with self mastery. While these short 29 years upon my experiments of life, have included, to say the least, quite a bit of confusion and delusions. Serious struggles one should not have to embrace. Let alone go at,all alone, with their cognitive state so diligent and obliverant of all those who oppose them. My forth coming into adult maturity has soulfully took me back to the emotional stability of the innocent adolescent. With pluto and saturn, in scorpio, in full affect of my Transits of Natal chart I truly deeply felt the spiritual rebirth of my Inner souls design. I was expressing to my family and loved ones (just weeks before i plunged into Astrology) that i Have felt like i had to die to be reborn again into my son. Asking them if i was insane or just loosing my guilty conscious... And whilst dwelling into my search for an answer, i stand at this state of despair. Now where i stand is constantly contaminating my beliefs of life and total understandings of all things beside. As above So below! we are all one in the same as the planets the galaxies and Universe. I have ultimately ended up on a quest to express the words of our DEITY and to save the mother planet we reside on. To reach a point in life to whom one can claim they have a true calling to be the enlightened one who is equivalent to a modern day messiah. No i am not trying to reach a DOGMA state conceded within. I truly do wish to save the world for the scrutiny of life's true imperfection. the Germ of us "mircosmos" is contaminating the "marcosmos" we flourished from. The kundalini of the planet is at a emotional intelligence of a furious Mars martian upon a toxic state of Pluto only two houses away from reaching the 12th. New beginings have to mean that there is a ending near. We are upon the end of times according to the book of revelations and in relation to the anti-christ stated by nostradomas and many other prophacys. The summoning of the Lord will begin to reach its final destination on mother earth. Those of us who are not accepting of the meaning of life and our true design intimately unified with soul and Divine will be spent of and thrown aside. Becoming resentful of those upon us as Norcals or Ascended Masters higher than this incline. Imply Loving charming sty into life of your neighbors and mine. Reach your EQ of an adolescent innocent conscious free of greed, gluttony and envy trespassing into our diplomacy, clarity, and securities. We gotta do whats right by doing whats wrong. We couldnt know what was right to do before we understood what we are doing is whats wrong. School of hard knocks is knocking on our door and Just about ready to bust the door in and teach some hard lessons to the humanity of this atomic phase.
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