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Re: Astrology Shame

I live in the deep south, and don't hesitate to mention my study of astrology when the topic comes up, and yet I've never come across any major opposition from other people in the Pluto-Sagitarrius generation. The closest I've come to a seriously heated argument about the subject has been with a Baptist kid named Jacob, and all we discussed was whether various bible verses were actually stating in concrete terms that astrology was immoral, or whether they were just chiding people for putting more stock in astrologers than in God himself. He didn't believe in astrology himself, but he said that was because he didn't know enough about the subject to make a decision on the matter. If that isn't a sign of changing winds, I don't know what is.

Just from my experience, most people my age are definitely interested in astrology and other occult matters, though they don't actively seek it out. When the subject comes up in conversation, everyone in the room wants me to tell them about their sign. Unfortunately, I have to spend a lot of time trying to explain how your sun sign is only a fraction of your personality. In general, though, I feel that my generation is really going to help change the general opinion of the metaphysical sciences and help real astrologers regain the respect it has lost in recent centuries. If we all have the courage to risk getting insulted by the naysayers in order to get the word out, that is.
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